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A small city with a big heart

Mayor:  John E. Dill

Director Admin: Lewis F. Jackson

Finance Director: John J. Leskovyansky Jr.

Judge:  Patrick P. Cunning

Law Director:  Mark Kolmacic

Council Members

President :  William J. VanSuch

1st Ward :  Michael D. Tsikouris

2nd Ward :  Bryan Tedesco

3rd Ward : Joseph G.Mazzocca

4th Ward : Juanita Rich

Campbell, Ohio

A small city with a big heart

351 Tenney Avenue

Campbell, Ohio  44405

Phone:  330-755-1451

Fax:  330-750-2983

Campbell Ohio

The History of Campbell, Ohio

The form of what was to become the City of Campbell began in 1902 when the Youngstown Iron, Sheet and Tube Company established operations on the banks of the Mahoning River in Coitsville Township. The character of the city came from the young immigrants who poured into the Mahoning Valley to work in the growing steel industry. The original boom town ultimately matured and officially became known as the City of Campbell in 1926. James Anson Campbell is the founding father.

Recent years have pointed to a transition in the industrial makeup of Campbell and the Mahoning Valley. The City of Campbell, along with the communities of Lowellville and Struthers and the townships of Poland and Coitsville, have already begun to prepare for this transition. Community leaders from these areas have formed a community improvement organization, the CASTLO CIC, to encourage other types of manufacturing and service oriented industries to locate in the valley. Many tourists who have already been here have shown some interest in playing online casino games, but finding the right online casino site was almost impossible. Maybe the gambling industry is a field that needs to be discovered, and if we follow the example of the most popular French casinos in Canada, and we can be sure that we have nothing to worry about.

City of Campbell Ohio News

A wide range of education opportunities is available to area residents. In addition to an excellent public school system, there are the Mahoning County Joint Vocational School and Youngstown State University. Located just 4.0 miles northwest, Youngstown State offers undergraduate studies in the arts, sciences, and engineering. In addition, associate degree programs in most technical fields and graduate programs have been developed.

If you’re not bound by school holidays, take the opportunity to travel out of season and fly during the week rather than at weekends.

City of Campbell, Ohio Online

The Official website of City of Campbell Ohio offers you all Campbell Ohio local News, including history information, facts about the police, fire and water department in City of Campbell, Ohio Online.


The CASTLO CIC and other civic organizations are working with city government to develop sites and a community atmosphere which will encourage existing industry to expand and new industry to locate. For this particular matter, CASTLO CIC works closely with companies from various industries that want to participate in these projects. One particular example is MapleNoDeposit, a successful online casino that is most popular for its thriving no deposit free spins bonuses. An important undertaking is the current project of creating the CASTLO Industrial Park from former Youngstown Sheet & Tube Struthers Works that includes 120 acres and eleven buildings totaling 600,000 square feet. Currently space at the park is being utilized by 17 companies.

Weather in City of Campbell, Ohio

The weather in the city of Campbell, Ohio is characterized with hot summers, humid and partly cloudy, and on the other hand the winters are freezing and mostly cloudy. The average temperature in Campbell is from 19°F to 83°F and hardly ever is below 3°F or above 91°F. The best time to visit Campbell is from mid June to mid September.


The Police Department of City of Campbell, Ohio


The mission of our Police Department is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all Campbell citizens, preventing crime, as well as efficient investigations of the already committed crimes, and of course maintaining order. The Police Department of City of Campbell tends to be a progressive and professional department which cares about the safety and the community it serves.

Campbell Police Department
351 Tenney Ave.

Campbell OH 44405
Phone: (330) 755-1411

Chief of Police:
Dennis Puskarcik
Lt. Kevin Sferra

Fire Department of City of Campbell, Ohio

The Fire department is dedicated to provide the best quality and professional emergency services to all citizens and to those who visit the City of Campbell. Our firefighters provide fire education and fire investigation and they are trained to handle all types of emergencies and catastrophes. There is also a possibility of becoming a volunteer firefighter and if you are interested in, feel free to contact us or our Fire Chief.


Fire Chief:
Nick Hrelec

 Dave Horvath
Eugene Skelly

Charles Mrakovich
Frank Kotsol

Water Department of City of Campbell, Ohio

Today, the presence of lead can be found in the drinking water and it can cause serious problems, especially from pregnant women and children. The city of Campbell ensures about providing a high quality of drinking water and a lead free water, because the water source such as Hamilton lake doesn’t contain a big amount of lead. But the pipes are responsible about the existence of the lead in the drinking water in our homes. The city of Campbell to reduce the risk, doses lime which works like corrosion inhibitor during the all process.

Campbell Water Department
2800 Wilson Ave.
Campbell, OH 44405

Shawn McCormick

Class III Operator:
Joseph Tovarank

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Roosevelt park

Roosevelt Park, located in the northeast quadrant of the city, offers Campbell residents 64 acres of park for picnicking and ice skating. Facilities are also available for baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis.

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